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REVIEW: Belkin Wifi Router F7D3302 at home.

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Just recently I installed Belkin Wifi Router at my home. The main reason for going for a wifi at home was simply because each one of us have a smartphone and we had a very good broad bank connection.

But the problem was most of the time the Broadband connection was only useful for PC as it was a wired connection.

Before I start the review there are few things I will clarify about a WIFI router.

  1. WIFI routers are not very big devices.
  2. You do not need to really switch on the PC to start the router.
  3. You can use PC wired internet and WIFI both simultaneously.
  4. Of course the Internet speed gets shared for all devices which get connected.
Now lets get back to the review. We have a 1200 sqft flat and there are around 2 thick walls before the WIFI rays can reach the last bedroom.

After installing the Belkin WIFI router I was able to Access Internet in most rooms comfortably. However I noticed that the range was not adequate in the far left room as there were two walls in between.

You can see that immediately surrounded rooms are getting extremely healthy signal. Only problem is with the Room to the extreme right. Even though the signal was less it did not affect the download speed and I got fairly same download speed i.e. around 800 kbps - 1000 kbps at times with even weak signal.

My only complain is when I go to the extreme corner of the last rooms the signal sometimes drops and I have to switch my physical location. Also it is important to note here is that if I will place my router in a better position I may be able to resolve the issue but I am being very lazy to do so and not really bothering about the weak signal in 1 room.

 Over all its a good WIFI router but not the best. Over all rating will be 3 out of 5.

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