HOW TO: Get ICS Upgrade for your Samsung Galaxy S2? - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Get ICS Upgrade for your Samsung Galaxy S2?

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Samsung has rolled out ICS upgrade for India users and also in many parts of Europe since many days and in case you want to know how to quickly get this process started then this article is very helpful for you.

Few things you must know before you think of starting this process. The total upgrade package is about 213 MB in size and to download it its better if you have a WIFI connection. If not then you can plan your upgrade at night allow it to be downloaded and upgrade to ICS in the morning.

Steps to Start the Upgrade Process.
1. Just Go to Settings of your Samsung Galaxy S2.
2. Just click on About Phone.

3. Now click on Software Update.

4. Allow the 213 MB update pack to download and simply install it.

Above screen shots are taken post upgrade that does not really matter though...

ICS Upgrade Process Time:
Make sure you have at least 20% battery left on your Galaxy S2 while you are upgrading else the upgrade won't start. It took me around an hour to download the 213 MB pack and half an hour for the upgrade installation.The process is very much simple and required least human intervention.

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