Best Ways to Save Battery Life on Samsung Galaxy S2. - latest tech tips

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Best Ways to Save Battery Life on Samsung Galaxy S2.

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One of the drawbacks of Samsung Galaxy S2 is that it takes over 4 hours to fully charge. However its battery also drains fast if not used wisely. I am going to show you techniques which will help you conserve your battery life on your S2.

Just follow these simple steps to conserve your battery for emergencies.

1. Disable WIFI:
If you disable WIFI it will add 2 extra hours to your Battery Life.

2. Display:
If you keep your diplay to a fairly minimum brightness then you can save battery upto an hour extra.

3. GPS:
Use this facitlity only when required. Disabling GPS sensor helps you save battery upto 2 hours.

4. Data Network Mode.
This is a very effective way of lengthening your batter life in S2 by simply  deactivating your data network mode. You can add up to 2 hours of battery life by disabling the Data Network mode. Read this article for more details.

5. Aircraft Mode:
This can be used in worst case scenarios where you have least battery life left. This will prevent you from making any calls. But you can reactivate it to make your calls.  this will add an extra hour to your battery life.

It is not necessary to disable all of them at once but you can selectively disable few of them based on your needs. Of course disabling all these will add up to 5 hours of battery life in your Samsung Galaxy S2 this is very helpful when you have very limited battery life left.

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