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Top 5: Mobile Browsers for Android

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Smart phones is a great way of accessing Internet. To access internet we need good fast browsers.

I am going to list down the most popular fast mobile Browsers especially for Android platform.

Few of them are available on Symbian as well as Windows.

#1 Opera Mini
This is the most popular and widely used mobile Browsers there. Its very user friendly and webpage render almost exactly the way they render on PC.

#2 UC Browser
UC Browser is one of the fastest browsers available in the Google Play market. Webpage load very quickly as it uses its compression engine to render webpage.

#3 Mozilla Firefox
Surprisingly Firefox is not the most popular browser on Android economic system many people use it but aren't very happy with it.

#4 Dolphin Browser
When you start using it you immediately get a feel that you are using Google Chrome. Webpage render nicely in this browser as well. This browser normally Will take you to default mobile website for any given website you visit six hence we can say its tailor made fir mobile.

#5 Default Browser
This is the default browser which is shipped with Android device few people use it. You can start trying each one from top.

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