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TOP 10: American TV Serials for Men

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America has produced some of the finest TV shows in the world and here are a few TV Shows which I just love to watch a lot. Most of them are more inclined towards male followers. Most of them belong to Adventure, Food, Horror and Innovation categories.
I am watching these since a very long time and still addicted to watch them.

1. Man vs Wild:
Bear Grylls will show you how to survive in extreme conditions. He puts himself in extreme climatic and geographic locations like hot deserts, chilling ice covered places and more and shows how to survive in such hostile conditions. He shows how to identify anything to eat and extract drinking water from unimaginable places.

2. Sword: Life on the line
This TV show deals with some of the bravest fisher men who go in deep turbulent seas in America called Grand Banks to fish for Sword fish and Big Eye Tuna which get very high prices in  American fish markets.
3. Pawn Stars:
Three generations make there living by buying and selling old artifacts from around the world.  Many interesting people come with more interesting articles which are old some of them are very originals some copies and some duplicates.

4. Innovation Intervention:

To guys from USA go across America to find the best innovations across the count. If they like the innovation they end up sponsoring them as well. You really get to see how much Americans are inclined towards innovating intelligent products. The TV show shows how much effort, time  and money has been spent on an Innovation and how much the Innovator is expecting to earn out of it.

5. Alaska Gold Rush
This TV show is about those American families who sell everything they have to explore gold in mines from Porcupine Creek in Alaska. It shows how American people can go to any extremes when it comes to taking Risks to achieve something in life.

6. Man vs Food
Man v. Food is an American food reality TV show hosted by actor and food enthusiast Adam Richman. Adam Richman explores the various food offerings from different American cities and takes part in a eating challenge at local restaurants.

7. 1000 ways to die
This TV show deals with 1000 bizarre ways in which people have died across the globe. Its not very nice to see but very interesting indeed.

8. Ax Men:
Ax Men is an American documentary reality television series which highlights the dangers encountered by American loggers. Ax Men follows the work of several logging crews in the second-growth forests of Washington, Northwestern Oregon and Montana.

9. A Haunting
Do you believe in Ghosts if not then you must watch this TV show. It basically deals with real paranormal activities which have happened with American Families and how they deal with them. This TV shows will defiantly make you start believing in God if not already.

10. I Shouldn't Be Alive:
This TV show portraits how people end up surviving after huge accidents or situation which they get stuck which are unimaginable harsh for human survival. 

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