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Times Of India Introduces a new Comments Reward System.

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The most popular daily from India TOI has introduced a new comments reward system in its website called Times Rewards. As per the comments reward system each reader of TOI articles are given different batches based on various interaction he does like comments, social shares etc.

These badges and points can then be re-dimmed with rewards in times network sites. Times Rewards also gives the most active readers, the opportunity to get featured on the Timesofindia.com leader board.

The basic idea behind this whole program is to make its readers more interactive and also help spread TOI articles over Social Media free of cost.

Below are the badges which are going to be awarded to all its readers. The basic starting point is to become a member of TOI.

Frequently Asked Questions
Earning Points and Badges:

Points and Badges will be awarded for various activities performed on Timesofindia.com. These include reading articles, commenting, watching videos, linking your profile with Facebook and Twitter accounts and subscribing to our daily newsletter. Points accrued on the Times Rewards program will soon be redeemable against exclusive deals on the Times network.

Expiry of Badges:

When you reach a particular level within a badge, you will get to keep it for 12 months.
If within those 12 months you cross to the next threshold, you will move to the next badge level.
However, after 12 months, you can lose your badge in case of a drop in your activity on the site.

Points Credit:
Badges and Points will take a maximum of 90 seconds to be credited to user accounts. In case of the Wordsmith badge, points and badges will be credited after user comments are published on Timesofindia.com.

For details visit.

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