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INFOGRAPHIC: VodaFun With Mobile Internet.

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Do you know from 2013 internet will be accessed more from mobiles than from PCs. Most important reason for this being its very convenient, easy and quick. I came up with this amazing info-graphic to show how I am fun addicted to using Mobile Internet.

Here is how I spend my day with Mobile internet. Now I can stay connected 24 X 7 with my pals and have fun all the time.

Facebooking, Chatting, Twitting, Mobile uploads all on the go..Music, Videos, Radio everything can be do on the fly thanks to Mobile Internet. Gone are the days to send SMS now we do a Facebook update or a simple tweet.

All my online friends are notified instantly and I can stay connected even being miles apart. I can search for places around the globe without having to ask anyone all I need is GPS + Google Maps.

There are around 500000+ apps on the android market to choose from. There is a app on the App store for all of your needs. Be it Photo sharing, Videos, Games, Chatting, Mobile AntiVirus, Wallpapers, Cool Themes, Online eBooks and lot more.

You can even plan a party, Book Movie tickets and have even more fun. In case you are still deprived of Mobile internet then you can simply visit

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