HOW TO: Do Cordless Data Transfer on Samsung Galaxy S2. - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Do Cordless Data Transfer on Samsung Galaxy S2.

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Just in case you want to do file data transfer from your Galaxy S2 to your Computer and vice-verse without connecting any cord or even via Bluetooth, then there is a very simple trick.

All you need is a software called Dropbox. Drop Box not only enables you to exchange your data to and from your Computer and Galaxy S2 but it also adds 1 GB of extra space to your Galaxy S2.

Dropbox is a free Data backup and storage service which allows you to store upto 1 GB of free data. Its like a virtual folder which keeps syncing all your data from different locations i.e. if you are using the same account.

1. Just install Dropbox on your computer. Detailed article over here.
2. Also install the drop box app on your Samsung Galaxy S2.
3. Make sure you are using the same account on both devices.
4. Now simply drop the data in to the virtual folder of drop box and the same files are accessible on the phone as well as the computer.

By this simple way you can sync all your important data between your computer and your lovely Samsung Galaxy S2. Yes you need both your computer as well as your S2 connected to internet to have this thing going.

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