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Best Android App for Sports Loving Enthusiasts

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In case you are a fitness freak and love to Run, Walk, Hike, Ski, Skate, cycle, skate boarding, Snow Boarding, Surfing etc then this tip is going to be a boon for you.

I just came across a very helpful Android App AllSportGPS which allows me to keep a track of all my outdoor activities on a daily basis. This App uses GPS to track all your activities and puts them on Google Map.

You can see the entire route you followed while you were Running, Cycling etc. It tells you how many calories you burnt, what was your Average Speed, How much time you were taking rests.

Also you can publish your Physical Activity details over Facebook in a single click. This way you can even motivate your friends to be physically active.

I was little skeptical about whether it would work in India or not but it works extremely well and logs everything extremely accurately. I am using a simple GPRS connection on my Mobile and still it works without any problems.

You can also set all your preferences into either US or UK(metric) i.e Pounds or Kgs and Miles or Kms etc. The graph which gets generated keeps you motivated and if you skip your excersis for a day makes you feel really bad. Below you can see how I missed running on Monday and Thursday.

All in all I am in love with this app and simply use it everyday plus its absolutely free.

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