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All About Peridot Beads

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Peridot is the official birthstone for August and possesses a lime green coloring. It derives its color from the iron deposits within it and the amount of iron contained within in is what determines its exact shade of lime green coloring. 

This is such a precious type of bead that it is believed by many that the famous emeralds of Cleopatra were in actuality peridot stones. This is not surprising when you see the striking beauty of these stones. They are fit for royalty.

These Peridot beads are transparent and come in a variety of shapes. They may be crafted to include numerous facets to give them the appearance of shimmering crystals. They give a lavish, luxurious feel to any piece of jewelry and instantly raise the perceived value of that piece at the same time.

Peridot beads are associated with the qualities of healing, growth, purification, and renewal. These beads are also said to be able to bring relief from feelings of irritation, anger, and jealousy. As they decrease these more negative emotions they increase the positive feelings of well being in an individual which can lead to healing on all levels.

When you want the look of rare jewels then peridot beads are an ideal choice. They help to provide all the beauty and positive feelings you could hope for.

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