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TOP 100: Ways to make money online from your blog and talent.

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Many people don't realize that they can really make huge money out of blogging and their creative talent. Blogging can be full time or part time based on your risk taking appetite. But there are hundreds of ways of making money from your blog as well as your creative talent.

This article will light on 100 ways to make money out of your blog and also your day to day profession. All the methods mentioned are legal and genuine ways of making money and does not involve any malpractices.

Google AdSense: This is the most common and most successful method from which you can earn revenue from content specific Ads shown by Ad-sense. Google's most successful programs. This is the best way of making money online.

Direct Advertising: You can expose areas in your blog where you can place Ads directly from people who approach you for placing their Ads. These type of Ads are called direct Banner Ads.

In Text Ads: These are the Ads which appear as hyperlinks in your content and when your readers hover over it a small animated popup appears showing the Ads. This is not my favorite way but still is one of the popular ways to make money. Infolinks is an example of such Ad network.

Amazon Associates: You can team up with amazon to sell amazon products on your blogs similar to Google Ads and if the incoming link gets converted to an order you might end up getting a handsome commission's.

Third Party Ads: Due to Google's domination in online advertising industry any Ad network other than Google is called as third party. So people whose Adsense accounts get disabled go to these ad networks. Refer this article for list of adsense alternatives.

Paid Product Review: Yes you can actually write paid product reviews. Its not necessary for you to endorse that product in a fantastic way, you can be free in your opinion. Of course extremely critical paid reviews will not yield you much in the long run from such medium of money making.

Review Posts: You can also get paid to review posts from blog posts from other blogs. The review may include correcting the content if something wrong is written, correcting grammar and lot more.

Content Creation
Paid Articles: Yes I am approached by many people to write paid articles on their online products. So far I have avoided them but yes you can surely make money out of it if the products fall into your blogs niche.

Guest Articles: Well this is really cool way of making money. You can get paid for allowing people to post content on your blog. The advantage is direct exposure of the article author's name and blog. Free incoming quality back links.

Blogging Competetions: Well yes, there are many good blog directories which organize various contest in which you are suppose to write articles on various topics and if your article is good you can win good prizes. is the best such example.

Content Writer: People charge from few dollars to as much as $100+ to write a single article based on the content and potential.

Online Services:
Service: Well if you are an expert in some niche you can offer paid advice to your readers via your blog.

Donation: You can put a donation link in your blog so that people can donate money if they like your content. Here is an innovative example from

Link Sharing: Well this is a bit tricky. You can get paid to add links of other blogs to your site. But always make sure you only link to those blog who fall in the same niche as you are in. example you have a travel blog and you link to a travelog that's okay but if you link to some art or technology blog then there is a problem.

SEO Consultation: Convert your blog from 1 way to 2 way i.e. interactive blog. You can give paid SEO consultancy if you are and expert and you have examples to prove your work. SEO is big business and has huge competition.

Web Design Service: You can also gives services like webs designing and template designing to you blog readers. You can charge reasonably for each blog template you design.

Graphic Design Service: You can offer people to make custom icons and images for their websites and charge them for each custom made icon or image.

Social Media:
Facebook Fan Page: You can get paid to design Facebook Fan pages. This is a field very much in demand these days. Having a kick ass Fan page is every companies dream and you can help them in fulfilling that dream and also get paid handsomely. Examples of cool facebook Fan pages.

Facebook Like: You can get paid to design Facebook like buttons.

Twitter Updates: You can get paid to design twitting and RE twitting buttons on other website.

Twitter Follow: You can get paid to follow someone only when you have thousands of Twitter Followers.

Twitting: Well If you have thousands of followers then you can be a great prospect to market some product or idea and get paid accordingly. You have to be sure that these tweets look genuine and not spams.

Google+ Fanpages: Well Google+ is getting highly popular and you can be paid to create Google+ Fanpages.

Google+ Updates: In case you have thousands of people in your Google + circles then you can market your content and get paid on Google+ as well.

In case you are really good at a particular shill then you can offer.
eTutor Solutions: These could be online live web casts of your tutorial sessions and can be paid from every student attending those sessions.

eLearning: You can design your own eGuides as PDF eBooks and sell them online.

If you are a professional photographer then following options are open for you.

Sell your Photos online.

Sell your Photo Processing Skills online.

Web Design:

Create custom icons

Create Custom Website Banners

Create Custom Websites

Create Custom Marketing Ads

Setting up Blogs: There are many writers in market with great skills you can help them set up a blogging platform for them. They can pay you 1 time or per post fees.

Programming Skills

Create Blogger and Wordpress Themes: I have seen people charging from $50 to $200+ for a single template.

Create Custom Plugins: Create custom plugins for blogger and wordpress which may not be available in market.

All the above listed techniques are all legal and involves no cheating and are very good ways of making decent money online. All you need is a PC, Internet and your Talent.

Note: This is an evolving post and will be updated on a periodic basis.

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