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Google+ Copies Facebook Cover Page Feature.

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Google+ is growing with the number of registered users. Facebook has 800+ million users and Google+ has 175+ million users. You might feel whats the comparison.

Well the point is Google+ was launched just recently few months back and Facebook is there since many years.But Facebook still is far ahead of Google+ with number of Active users.

Google+ recently face lifted its UI and added some good features some from Facebook.

Here are the most prominent updates.

1. Google+ Profile Page:
This look similar to Facebook profile page with a cover photo. I wonder they will also introduce the timeline somewhere down the line.

2. Quick Access Vertical Menu 

3. Trends
4. Search Capability with Chat friends.

Looks like Google is very serious about Google+ and will leave no stone unturned to give Facebook tough competition as Facebook is eating up Google's Ads revenue share.

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