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Free and Easy Online Backup Tool?

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I was trying to copy some pics on my PC and found that my hard drives are all full. Then I though of deleting some junk stuff and then I realized that it would be nice to have a backup of all my important files somewhere.

Having a physical backup of data in CD or USB is good idea, but its also essential to have a copy of your data online safe somewhere and that's how I found this very nice tool called Drop Box.

Its the easiest thing. It simply acts like an ordinary folder where all you have to do is drop your files and the software Drop Box will take care of the rest.

The free account gives you up to 2 GB of free storage place, which I guess is fairly sufficient if you need to store your critical data only.

Here are the simple steps to use drop box.
1. Download and Install Drop Box from here (takes less than a min).
2. Create your own account (takes less than 30 seconds).
3. Go to the Drop box folder from Desktop or Toolbar at the bottom.

4. Simply Copy Paste you files in the Public or Photos folder.

You can easily share the Public files with anyone by simply right clicking and Copy Public Link. Yes you can share files with even non drop box users. It simply acts like a web link to your backed up file.

DropBox simply works like a backup folder on you machine and is very easy to use just go on dropping files and they will be automatically backed up. But keep in mind you need to make sure you are connected to internet while dropping files in drop box.

You can also access the files easily on the web. Simply access you register account using this link.

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