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VIDEO: iPad 3 Power Pact Features.

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iPad 3 was unveiled on March 7 2012. And it has some really amazing Graphic Display and Camera capabilities. Of course the iPad 3 unavailing did not have the same charm which Steve Jobs used to bring.

However the stunning features of iPad 3 revolve mostly around display.

  1. It has Retina Display.
  2. It has resolution of 2048 X 1536 with 3.1 million pixels.
  3. It has a stunning 5 MP Camera with some amazing software capabilities.
  4. It has A5X quad-core graphics display.
Sadly it has no Siri and its a big disappointment but I am sure iPad 4 will have Siri in it. Apple always comes up with something amazing all the time I am sure people have started hoping for something great in iPad 4 as well.

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