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Unknown Important Adsense Tips and Tricks.

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This article is all about serious money making with Adsense. I am going to walk you through some of the most interesting aspects of Adsense publishing which will help you make more money than you ever did.

First of all let me congratulate you for landing on this page as after reading this article you will be aware of those things in Adsense which less than 1 % Adsense publishers bother to know.

Below is a compilation of all my experience since past 24 months of being a blogger. Many bloggers simply go on adding content without having any strategy of placing correct Ads and complain they are not making any money. Below I have tried to answer very important questions applicable to all Adsense publishers.

1. How many Adsense block can I have on a page?
You can display up to 3 Adsense Units per page. In case you have less than that then make sure you utilize all three allowed Adslots. Check Adsense policy for exact details.

2. Where to put Adsense Ad Units to get maximum CTR?
Your Adsense Ad Units must be as close to your content as possible. The best spots are below the Title of the post and at the end of the post.

3. How should I integrate Adsense Ads in my Blog?
The best practice is to manually create Adsense Ad Units, generate Adsense code and then put it in your blog. The advantage of this approach is that

  1. It gives you more flexibility.
  2. You can monitor each Ad Units performance.
  3. You can eliminate under performing Ad Units easily or change their Ad Type.

Navigation: Adsense    My Ads   Ad Units. 

4. How can I analyze performance of each Ad Unit?
Its only possible if you have integrated Adsense manually. Make sure you have a separate Ad Unit created for each spot i.e. even if you want 468 X 60 text banner and want to put below the post title and at the bottom of the post then create two separate Ad units example BannerTop and BannerBottom.

Navigation: Adsense    Performance Reports   Ad Units.

5. Which Ad Type should I display Text Ads or Image Ads?

Broadly there are two category of Ads.

  1. Within Post Content: All Ads which are integrated within post content i.e. below post title and below the post its self and some of them even within the post should generally be Text Ads as they blend very nicely with post content.
  2. Outside Post Content: All Ads except the above i.e. Ads on Side Bar, Blog Header etc are under this category and they can be Image or Animation Ads.

You can analyze performance of each Ad Type by going to Ad Type report.

Navigation: Adsense    Performance Reports   Ad Type.

6. How can I check which Countries readers get me how much revenue?
Yes it very important to know how is your Adsense earnings across geographical locations. Simply go to

Adsense Performance Reports Country.

It has been my observation that when readers from countries like US, UK, Australia will get you maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) where as from countries like India and China you will get loads of traffic and loads of clicks but CPC will be very less.

Similarly you can also find out interesting reports such as.
Navigation: Adsense Performance Reports  Platform (Devices). 
Navigation: Adsense Performance Reports  Url Channels (Website). 
Navigation: Adsense Performance Reports  Products (Content or Feed).

7. How can I control which Ads are shown on my blog?
Adsense Ads are displayed by Google which is very good at it, however you can go a step further and allow or block those category of Ads which are totally irrelevant to your blog. Also you can go ahead and block some Ad categories which are getting you very less returns.

Navigation: Adsense    Allow and Block Ads   General Categories.

Tip: You can block upto 50 categories from 258 categories. Now here is a important tip which will help you a lot.

  1. Your target is to eliminate those categories whose Ads are displayed but no revenue is generated.
  2. Check the % Ad Impressions Column and % Earnings Column. 
  3. If Ad Category has more % impression and very less % earnings block them. 
  4. Avoid blocking those categories which has % Impressions close to 0% as blocking them will not help you as they are already not displayed and you will loose the out of 50 number.

8. How much money one can make out of Adsense?
Million $ question. I can only share my experience on this and what ever research I have done so far. You can expect realistically $3 to $7 earnings per 1000 visits to your blog. So you can make decent money only when you have more than 5000 to 10000 visitors each day. This can be your initial target to achieve. I know its not that easy but you must have targets else you will eventually give up blogging. The above figures are just estimates okay.

If you have read this complete article I am sure you have made yourself aware of many of the details of Adsense which very few Adsense publishers bother to know about. Now that you know them please spread the word..

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