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TOP 5: Must Have Free Blogger Plugins.

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Many people say that WordPress is far superiors than Blogger in Many ways. I am going to tell you guys how you can bring your blog closer to WordPress or in some cases exceed WordPress.
I am going to share the most important 5 tips which will transform your Blogger Blogspot blog into a very professional interactive and reader friendly blog.

1. Choosing the Right Theme (Template).
Simply go to You will find tons of cool and free templates which you can use for your blogs. I have written an entire article on How to choose a good and profitable Blogger Template and also an article on How to upload and take backup of your blogger Template. I am sure you will find these articles very handy.

2. Share Widget
If you are a serious blogger then you must have at least visited once. There you can see a very cool Social Media Interaction floating Widget which stays at the same location no matter how much the reader scrolls. This widget will help your readers to share your topics with their friends over social media like twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. You can get a similar widget over here.

3. Comments Widget.
Well Bloggers comments management system really sucks and they are simply not ready to change don't know why. That does not mean you cannot have a good Comments System. I am using since a year now and I must say I am very happy with it and now its is also SEO friendly. If you have older blogger comments you can simply migrate all of them to your new system.

4. Related Posts Widget
You must give your users ability to find related topics on your blog. One way is to have a search box but then user will not prefer to go to the search box and then search content etc. Its better that you give your reader 5 best choices to choose from. Linkwithin does exactly that. It gives your readers best possible 5 related posts to your blog post topic and you can make your reader stay on your website for a longer time and make them come back again and again.

5. Trending Topics Widget:
This widget is already available with with a name called popular post. It simply finds the top post based on most traffic received. To get your widget to auto update with newer links simply reduce the days to a week so that people see most popular posts this week. Its actually posts trending this week. This will keep changing the links and users will be exposed to new links every time they come.

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