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Top 10: Sources of getting Traffic on your blog.

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Getting traffic on your blog is a key to earning good money and if you know sources of generating traffic then you are one step closer to your goal. This article will help beginner bloggers to realize first hand about sources of getting good traffic.

So without wasting any more time lets look at the major traffic sources world wide.

1. Google:
This is by far the most amazing source of getting traffic on your blog. The way to get more and more traffic is to follow simple SEO techniques while publishing your content. Bing and Yahoo are also good but Google is the baap i.e. father of all.

2. Direct:
These are people who directly visit your link. This requires awesome talent of a Blog author to write cool content which makes people come again and again. This is regraded as the most important goal for any blogger to get more and more direct traffic.

3. Facebook:
After Google I would say Facebook generates most traffic. You must have a Facebook fan page. Fanpage helps in publicizing your blog content to 100s and 1000s of your Facebook fans.

4. Feed:
RSS feed subscribers is also a very hot source of traffic and you must have a way for people to subscribe to your RSS feed.
5. Email Subscription:
If you do not have a email subscription box in your blog add it today. Make sure you only publish the headlines and little content in your mail. Else people will not visit your blog and read the content via email its self. Nothing bad with that but its better for you to have people come to your blog to read the content. That's how you will get more traffic and more money.
6. Twitter:
Many people realized the power of shortcuts and twitter is based on the very concept of shortcuts. 140 characters of fame. Have a twitter account so that people can visit your blog via your tweets. Keep twitting and you will surely be blessed with tons of followers.

7. Forums:
This is again a very good source of quality traffic. Just enroll your self into forums related to your blog topics. Its very important for you to be active part of these forums to get more traffic. The more active you are more traffic you will get. Also try to solve common problems on forum to get more respect.

8. Blog Directories:
These are similar to forums but little different. Blog directories are those websites where blogs from around the world get showcased. All category blogs are there so chances of getting traffic is also more. Few good examples are,

9. Email Signature:
Well this is strange but its true. Have a very cool looking email signature and have link to your blog. There are very good chances that you may end up getting few hits that way.

10. Backlinks:
This is very important. Just like you expect people to visit your blog you must also return the favor by not just visiting others blogs but also adding a comment. Add genuine comments with a backlink. If you add rubbish comments and a backlink, people will never visit your blog and also it may harm your reputation.

All the above ways are totally free and very easy to implement, only thing is you must have patience and never give up. Keep trying. Come what may getting traffic should be our ultimate goal. Yes its true having good content is most important but your Social Marketing skills shall be completely explored.

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