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STUDY: Hidden Facts About Blogger Templates.

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Very recently I changed  my blog template to a very professional looking template. I got many words of appreciation from many readers on my blog. But when I looked at the Adsense income it had taken a hit.This article will try to put some of the things into perspective mostly about false perception about blogger themes.

Some of them I have tried to list down below:

1. Very good looking blog also earns more:
This is nonsense. It is the content of the blog that really generates traffic to your blog and not its appearance. Good appearance no doubt is an added plus for getting back traffic if you have quality content in the first place. I can give you a example here visit This blog has very classic old looking UI but makes really good money.

2. After updating the Template relax:
Relaxing is the last thing you must think of. I recommend you to aggressively monitor your blogs visitors and traffic earning. In my case I got an increase in traffic by around 15% but the Adsense earnings went down considerably.

3. Best performing Adslots will continue to do well.
After you update your template you must monitor your Ad slot earnings via Adsense reports. My best performing Adslot had taken a major hit. Then I realized that I also had to modify the appearance of the Ads as per my theme and things went back to normal almost.

4. Changing Theme is solution to all problems:
First you must identify what are your problems. Some of the problems I can think of are
  1. Site Navigation.
  2. Loading time.
  3. SEO Non Friendliness.
  4. Non Intuitive UI.
  5. Poor Adsense earnings.
Carefully study all of them and analyze if the new template will solve above problems or not. Changing theme is like changing the interior decoration of your house.

5. Some of the must do things before updating a Theme
Here is a checklist of activities you must perform to make sure your your Theme transition is smooth.
  1. Save your existing blogger template before doing any changes.
  2. Carefully create data of existing performance (like traffic, earnings, load time etc) before update.
  3. Carefully create data of existing performance (like traffic, earnings, load time etc) after update.
  4. Simply Compare point 2 and 3 for few weeks and then decide if you want to live with the new design or not.
All the above information is very essential for all bloggers who want to update there blog theme especially those blogs who are well established and earning regularly.A wrong them can hamper your traffic and earnings so make sure you take the right decision at the right time.

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