Nokia 808 Pure View vs DSLR. - latest tech tips

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Nokia 808 Pure View vs DSLR.

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The world was shocked when Nokia unveiled its first of a kind 41 MP camera mobile phone. Comparing this phone camera with a DSLR would be really something over board but why not do the comparison if the expectations are set so high.

Pros of Nokia Pure View.

  1. Best Camera Phone ever.
  2. Settings similar to a Digital Camera(Not SLR)
  3. Will let you enlarge your picture as much possibly without loosing quality.
  4. Really Sleek.
Cons of Nokia 808 Pure View.
  1. Eats up to much phone space when you shoot at 41 MP.
  2. Moderate quality when compared to DSLR.
  3. White Balance is not very accurate.
  4. Debt of Field is a huge problem.
Pros of DSLR
  1. Amazing Picture quality.
  2. Lot more vibrant pictures.
  3. Interchangeable lenses.
  4. More options to do professional Photography.
  5. Will consume less memory if compare to Pure View.
Cons of DSLR.
  1. Very Bulky.
  2. Takes time to study all the settings.
Nokia 808 is surely not a replacement for a professional DSLR. It is at max a replacement for your mini Digital point and shoot. Of course Pure View is a great technology but not a replacement for professional DSLR.. Pureview is good for daily photography for family or especially large group photos.

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