HOW TO: Start a Scheduled Windows Shutdown? - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Start a Scheduled Windows Shutdown?

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Just in case you are downloading something and you know it will be over after an hour and you wan't to leave your house for a friends party, what would you do?
What if you could attend your friends party and let your windows PC shutdown on its own after an hour? Won't you be really delighted? Well you can do that withour any fancy softwares by simply running some basic DOS command.

Simply enter the number of hours after which you want to shutdown your Windows machine

Hours to seconds Converter
Total Hours
Command To Shutdown
Command To Abort Shutdown
After you have entered the hours you will get a command to shut your windows machine. Simply put the command in Windows run and press enter. That's it and in case you want to abort the scheduled shutdown simply enter the second command.

This trick works on all windows versions.

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