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HOW TO: Enable Adsense for Blogger Mobile Templates.

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If you have enabled the latest feature Mobile Templates from blogger which redirects smart phone users to a link yourpostlink?m=1 then its essential for you to enable Adsense for those users as well.

This template is especially designed for mobile phone devices. If you have a great chunk of traffic coming from smart phone devices then its very essential to enable Adsense for Mobile Template as well.

Enabling Adsense Ads in that mode is very easy but many people complain that Adsense ads are not getting rendered on Blogger Mobile Templates. Well the reason for that is Mobile Templates only renders Ads which are Added to your blog via Adsense Gadgets or inline Ads.

So in case you have monetized your blog by adding Adsense code directly in your Template or via custom HTML widgets they are not shown by default. So what should you do enable Ads on Mobile Templates?

Well just enable one Ad directly via Adsense Ads adding mechanism provided by Blogger.

1. Just go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout.
2. Click Edit on Blog Posts section.

3. Click on Show Ads between Posts.

4. Simply select your preferences.

And your Adsense Ads are enabled for Blogger Mobile Templates. You will start seeing Adsense Ads at the top of the post page and bottom of the index page. I am sure your Adsense Revenues will get a great boost after you have enabled Adsense Ads for mobile Templates.

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