Siri like app for Nokia X6, E7, N8, N97, C7, 5800, 5233, 5230. - latest tech tips

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Siri like app for Nokia X6, E7, N8, N97, C7, 5800, 5233, 5230.

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In case you are wondering to have a Siri like Application for your Nokia X6 then there is some good news. You can now try Voice Commands very easily in your Nokia X6.

1. Vlingo Virtual Assistant:
Vlingo is as close as you can get to Siri. It has the same functioanlity of forst to Tap and then speak. It does varity of thigs for you like

  1. Tex-ting your friends.
  2. Opening any application.
  3. Voice Dial.
  4. Searching the web.
  5. Saving Notes.
  6. Send Emails.
  7. Facebook Updates.

The app work really well and also works easily Indian and Asian accents unlike Siri which does not work well with non American accents.

Vlingo works perfectly for Nokia X6, Noki 5800, 5230, 5235, Nokia N8-00, Nokia C7-00 and lot more.

2. Inbuilt Voice commands.
Many people are not aware of Nokia X6's voice command functionality. You can activate it simply by pressing the green button used for receiving your calls.

You can use this for following purposes.
  1. Searching your Contacts quickly (Just say the name).
  2. Searching for Settings, Themes etc
  3. Starting Applications.
Its not full fledged personal assistant like Siri but at least you have something to talk to with your phone other than humans.

This trick also works for your 5230, 5233 etc.

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