HOW TO: Quickly find Adsense earnings in a single click? - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Quickly find Adsense earnings in a single click?

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Are you wondering which are the most profit making Google Adsense Ad Units on your blog? Well there is a very simple trick to know this and you can get this information in just a single click.
You can understand which Ad Units are generating more clicks and which ones are not getting any clicks right on your blog its self.


You need following things for this
  1. Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Install official Adsense Plugin by Google Chrome, here is the link
  3. Connect your Adsense Account to the plugin.
  4. By clicking you will find today's earnings.
  5. Now click on overlay and you will find revenue earned by each Ad Unit.
  6. Just visit your website and you will start seeing Ad Revenue from each Ad unit.
This tip is applicable to only those Ad units which are manually inserted into your blog. Also there is a timezone difference between the plugin data and the Actual Adsense data. I think for US nationals this timezone difference will not be applicable.

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