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$2000 Outsourced to India Music Video.

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If you think BPO and IT are the only things getting outsourced to India then you are surely going to be shocked. Here is a very unusual example of outsourcing work to India.

This is a story of Drew Smith a musician from Hamilton, Ontario Canada who wanted to create a music video but had very limited budget. What did he do out sourced the Video part to a Bangalore based dance group and got it done for a $2000.

$2000 is just a small amount compared to what he would have paid to get it done else where or else never get it done. Whats more interesting is even creative work is getting outsourced and the result is not that bad either. The Video has got more that 190K+ view on by now on Youtube.

The Video features an Indian character and dancers dressed as demigods from India. It went well with the theme of the song.

Let us know if you like the video or not.

Source: NYTimes.com

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