Why are US B1 visas getting rejected in India? - latest tech tips

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Why are US B1 visas getting rejected in India?

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I have many friends whose short trips in US were affected due to US B1 visas getting rejected. Earlier that was not the case. Getting B1 visa was fairly easy with no complications.

B1 visa is issued by US government to those people who intend to visit the United States for business purposes which may include:
  1. Attending Mettings
  2. Attending Conferences.
  3. Presentations.
You can stay in US up to 90 days with this visa and in some cases 180 days but not more. B1 visas are not meant for
  1. Working in US.
  2. Earning money in US. 
There are many reasons why this category of visas are getting rejected now some of them are.
  1. Some of the top IT companies in India have been alleged that they misused this category of visa to send there employees for work rather than business purposes in US (Recently a case of Infosys's ex employee filing a case in US court came into light).
  2. Some B1 visa visitors from India were found working.
  3. Some of the B1 visa visitors were also found doing part time jobs and earning.
  4. Other reasons include previous B1 visa rejection history of applicants.
  5. If your B1 visa is revoked for some reason you chances of getting a new one are less.
Due to above reasons US government has made the B1 visa issue process lot more strict and any suspicious candidate might get his B1 visa application rejected.

So how to get a B1 visa? Well I wish I could answer this question but some of the things which might help you get a B1 visa easily are could be.
  1. Be Confident.
  2. Valid reason to travel to US for short trip.
  3. Be honest and legitimate while giving interview and never lie about anything.
  4. Never go with an intention to work (coding/programming) in US on B1 visas.
  5. Never go with an intention of earning money in US with a B1 visa.
Hope for the best and be honest. All the best.

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