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RamRaksha: Most Amezing Spiritual Hindu God Song.

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Few days back I came across this most enchanting spiritual Hindu Song : Ram Raksha Stotra. It was so wonderful that I listened to it many times again and again.
It gave me a sense of calm and tranquility which was missing so far in my life. The song is from album named "Amrut Varsha" Vol 7. The song is sung by Usha Raj and Vinaya. Its completely sung in Sanskrit language.

Image Source: Santabanta.com

About Ram Raksha Stotra:
Sri Rama Raksha Stotra is representative of the extremely unique relationship between Shiva and Rama. It is actually said that Shiva requires all his devotees to offer their prayers to Rama before presenting themselves before him. The Rama Raksha Stotra is supreme in this aspect of their devotion and affection to one another. For who can forget Rama offering prayers to Shiva at what is now known as Rameswaram, before beginning his journey to Lanka.

Just visit the link to listen to the song. And do get back and share your experience. Also share this with your friends if you also liked the spiritual experience you go through while you listen to this song.

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