Is OLED the next hot thing in TV technology? - latest tech tips

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Is OLED the next hot thing in TV technology?

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TV technology has not seen many changes after the introduction of LED TVs, but now Samsung and LG have shown 55" OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) TVs in Consumer Electronics Show, in an annual showcase in Las Vegas and said they will be available in 2012.

Till now OLED technology was only used in for the latest smartphones, tablet computers and other consumer-electronic devices. But Samsung and LG have stated taking OLEDs seriously.

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What is so special about OLEDs?
  1. They are super thin.
  2. LG showcased a 4 mm thin 55" OLED TV (less than half thinner than iPad 2).
  3. Stunning Picture quality.
Disadvantages of OLED TVs?
  1. Extremely expensive.
  2. $5000 is the starting point for 55" which is more than 3 to 5 times for a normal LED TV of same size.
So are you ready to buy a super thin OLED TV? Gadgets are getting thinner and better and looks like OLED will be the next gen technology in terms of TVs. I wonder if we could have similarly thin speakers.

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