HOW TO: Plan Intercity Travel in India? - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Plan Intercity Travel in India?

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We are planning to visit Kanaha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India. Till date our train reservations are not confirmed. Now what to do? Well there is good news. You can plan your travel by road, rail or flight in advance.

There is a very interesting website I came across called You can simply enter following example queries to find affordable inter city transportation in all forms in very quick time.
  1. Bangalore To Delhi on 28th October by train
  2. Bangalore To Delhi on Sept 29 by Flight
  3. Bangalore to Delhi on next Tuesday
  4. Bangalore to Delhi on 25/09/2009
  5. BC NDLS train Sunday
  6. Bangalore to HWH tomorrow
  7. Find more examples here

The website will give you all kinds of option in Road, Rail and Air travel with their estimated prices which can really help you take good decisions.

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