HOW TO: Make your Facebook Timeline look hot? - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Make your Facebook Timeline look hot?

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Its official Facebook timeline is now compulsory, you like it or not you will have to live with it and if that's the case then why not make it look hot? I will try to give you some tips to make it look hot.

Facebook timeline is something on which Facebook has spent millions of dollars to build and it looks like it is gonna be here to stay. Basically its a chronological arrangement of events in your life which you updated on Facebook since you were born.

Facebook timeline has many elements and some of the important ones which you can easily control are
  1. Facebook Cover Pic: It takes quiet some space and you must put the most attractive pic which really represents you over there. You can also put a nice background image which will compliment your Facebook profile picture.
  2. Facebook Profile Pic: This picture should be mostly of your face. Your Facebook cover and profile picture should compliment each other.
  3. Updated About information: Information such as where you work, where you studied, where you live and what all languages you know are some things you must properly update.
The other elements include your friends and activities which are automatically populated as you post stuff and accept friends requests, tag friends and so on which you do not have direct control to modify.

If you follow these simple tips I am sure your Facebook timeline will look very attractive. Here is what I did with my timeline.

I am sure you can do a lot better job and make it more your Facebook timeline more funky, attractive and hot.

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