HOW TO: Improve your website traffic on weekends? - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Improve your website traffic on weekends?

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Its a tradition that the web traffic generally drops 10 to 20% on weekend. There are many reasons for that and some of them are.

  1. People do not prefer sitting in front of PCs on weekends.
  2. They have to use their personal internet connection while in weekends they use office internet.
  3. People generally spend more time on Facebook on weekends.
  4. People go and watch movies.
  5. People go out for adventure activities to forget the work stress.
  6. People like to go out and have some fun.
  7. People love to do shopping (online as well as window).
  8. Or just sleep.
Well the main question is how to improve your web traffic on weekends. The answer is simple you must write on those topics on which people spend their time on their computer on weekends.

It also depends on the niche of your blogs or website but if you write on topics below your chances of getting traffic improve a lot. Basically you have to write on topics which will help people to spend quality time on weekends.
  1. Write on Movie Reviews.
  2. Write on some good hotels in your areas.
  3. Write on some online shopping portal or products.
  4. Write about some Facebook tips and tricks.
  5. Also promote your articles on Facebook and twitter as people are online via their mobile devices.
Well these are some of the tips to improve your web traffic on weekends.
Incidentally I have written this article on a weekend. I better start enjoying ;). Cheers.

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