TOP 10: Best Gadgets Introduced in 2011. - latest tech tips

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Year 2011 is about to end but if you look back it gave the world some of the most interesting gadgets till date. Most of the gadgets were not just great but were also priced competitively. They are also great Christmas Gifts.

Here is a list of the Top 10 gadgets in 2011. You must have atleast one out of these in your collection.

1. iPad 2

2. iPhone 4S

3. Nokia Lumia 800

4. Amezon Kindle Fire:

5. Tablet Akash (Cheapest $39) :

6. Samsung Galaxy SII:

7. Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

8. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

9. Macbook Air:

10. Motorola Zoom:

If you are thinking to gift something to your loved ones this Christmas then you can simply choose one of the above gadgets and make them really happy.

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