Sending a special message this Christmas Via O2 was never so easy - latest tech tips

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Sending a special message this Christmas Via O2 was never so easy

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With Christmas almost upon us, we're all looking for last minute ideas as to how to make our loved ones feel special over the holidays. And if there is a way to do this using our favourite technology then the chances are we'll be hooked.

This year, O2 rose to the festive challenge by launching its very own virtual Santa and grotto. This was an interesting idea for those unable to be with family and friends over Christmas and a really fun way in which to send them a message of festive cheer.

To send a message to your loved ones from the O2 Christmas grotto, you simply needed to tweet your message to @O2 and use the Twitter hashtag, #o2santa. Once received, Santa would get busy recording your message and O2 subsequently sent you a tweet containing a link to it as soon as it was ready. From that point, it became yours to pass on to whomever you wished. Santa's festive grotto was open from 9 am on 12th December, through to midday on 15th December. Although now closed, it is safe to assume that O2 and other providers are likely to offer something similar in future years.

This was a really fun idea that made use of your smartphone in an innovative way. It is encouraging to see mobile providers thinking of new ways in which to engage with customers, offering them extra value through creative services. Even modest gimmicks such as these can become powerful marketing strategies when used correctly and it will be interesting to see how O2's rivals react with their own festive promotions in future years. For those with an eco-conscious focus, the move to digital greetings and gifts clearly avoids the paper waste associated with cards and gift wrapping.

Remember that to get the best from your smartphone this Christmas, you'll need fast mobile broadband in order to view rich video content or perhaps to game online. There are plenty of Christmas themed apps and gifts available, ranging from iTunes vouchers which can be bought via your phone and sent remotely, through to personalised e Christmas cards which can be viewed on the recipient's phone.

It is also worth checking your smartphone provider's app store to see what seasonal apps are available. You'll find everything from quirky games, editing software and greetings apps, through to Christmas present finders, January sales and even voucher code apps designed to help you save money.

If you're looking for mobile broadband connectivity away from home, you now have the option of 3G, in addition to wireless broadband in many city and town locations. Everything from the local coffee shop through to the major hotel chains are now likely to offer wireless connectivity.

For those who use their smartphones constantly throughout the day, a generous 3G package is worthwhile for those times when wireless connectivity isn't available. It's worth speaking to your provider to find out how you're currently using your 3G allowance and to determine whether your package needs changing. For example, if you find you currently pay add-on charges or international usage charges, then an alternative package may prove to better meet your requirements. Many providers also offer add-on products in support of their mobile broadband solutions. These include dongles for laptops, allowing you to have more than one device connected whilst on the go.

In short, the festive season is a good time in which to use your technology to explore new approaches to gift giving and the communication of goodwill messages. If you're new to the full power of your smartphone, why not use the holiday to get to grips with its full potential?

About the Author:

The above article is guest post composed and edited by Shanne D. She is associated with many technology and designing communities including Broadband Expert as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to technology, mobile broadband, mobile applications, etc.

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