NEWS: Android will also have Siri like App by 2011 December End - latest tech tips

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NEWS: Android will also have Siri like App by 2011 December End

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2011 was a great year for mobile technology, but sadly the father of mobile innovation Steve jobs passed away. Steve always said Android is a stolen product all ideas and apps in android os are stolen from Apple iPhone ecosystem.

Ever since iPhone 4S was launched people were really amazed to see how Siri the Personal Voice Assistant worked on iPhone 4S. As per Telegraph Android plans to have its own Siri like app, code named "Majel" after the voice computer from science-fiction TV series Star Trek.

"Majel" was in WIP since last year in Google's secret lab in San Francisco, known as Google X. Recently Google also bought Clever Sense which works on similar technology giving a clear indication that will also launch Siri like app soon and cash in one Siri's success.

"Majel" will initially support only internet search queries and will become fully operational only by next year. It willl be really interesting to see how "Majel" will react to various international accents as Android is very much popular in Asian countries where Siri hardly works and in some Asian countries Apple is not even supporting Siri officially.

But on a larger picture Steve Jobs words seems to be true, Do you agree?

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