HOW TO: Update your Facebook Fanpage via RSS Feed? - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Update your Facebook Fanpage via RSS Feed?

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I was searching for a solution to auto update my Facebook Fan page which will have link to my blog posts. Earlier I had used Facebook notes to update my RSS.

It was little buggy and stopped working after few days. To get it working I again reconfigured it and it started working well.

But the main problem with notes is it does not generate any traffic. It showed the entire post in the Facebook Fan page itself and also has no back-link to the blog. This does not help you to generate any traffic to your blog.

If you cannot generate good traffic out of Facebook Fanpage then its a big blow to your traffic generation strategy which might have a huge setback in revenue generation goals.

Okay enough cursing the notes now let me tell you a very nice way of getting your RSS feeds to be posted on your Facebook Fan page.

Just follow below steps to get your RSS feed to be updated on your Facebook Fan page with link back to your posts.

1. Log into your Facebook Account.
2. Visit the and click on Start Sharing or
3. Directly visit
4. Give Access to the plugin.
5. After you have given access you will see all the profiles, Fanpages and Groups you have rights to post in.
6. Simply click on one of profiles, Fanpages or Groups you want to auto update the RSS feed.
7. Click on Add Feed button to configure your Feed.

8. Configure your feed in the below manner.

9.Once you have configured you will see something like this.

10. You can repeat the steps for other profile, pages or Groups.

This is one time activity. Also you can link multiple RSS feeds to the same Fanpage from different sources.

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