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A Girlfriends FaceBook blunder!!

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Can you imagine a person landing in jail just because of a Facebook post? Well that's exactly what happened with Ryan Jarvis from Burlington. This is what exactly happened.

Ryan wanted to propose his girlfriend so what does he do, he plans to buy her a diamond ring. He digs his pocket and finds no money so what he does? He goes to a mall and steals a diamond ring worth $3200 for his girlfriend.

All seemed okay until his girlfriends happiness took over his smartness. Since his girlfriend was not aware of her boyfriends bad deeds she innocently posted the status update on Facebook with the photo of the ring.

By the time the post was live even the local TV channels started showing the stolen ring on television. Some of the friends of Ryan's girlfriend recognized the ring from the Facebook post and immidiatly notifed the police. The police immediately took action and paid a visit to Ryan's house.

Incidentally his girlfriend was wearing the same ring at that time and was shocked to see police searching for Ryan. The police have arrested Ryan and have said that they are convinced that Ryan's girlfriend had no role in the robbery and will not place charges against her. Ryan has accepted the crime and its not sure if he has a lawyer.

So, one post and the guy lands in Jail.
Source: WCAX-TV

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