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Top 3 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail !

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One thing that really bothers me and that I find really difficult to understand, is why most bloggers fail. In the beginning I have little to no understanding of this, but after maintaining a medifast and nutrisystem diet blog for over 2 years, and after having failing several times without giving up, it became crystal clear why most bloggers find it difficult to succeed.

The reality is that as bloggers, we have to expect failure at some point, but the only thing that matters the most is how we respond to those failures we encounter. My question then is, why fail when you can easily avoid it? Why not learn from other people’s mistakes? Based on my experience with maintaining a nutrisystem and medifast blog for years, and failing over and over again, I will be sharing in this article the 3 reasons why I think most bloggers fail.

Lack of Goals and Purpose

The number one reason why most bloggers fail is that they lack goals and purpose. In other words, they have no real reason for blogging, and they have no plan as to what to achieve. They are only blogging because they want to succeed. In case you’re not aware, a solid goal must be Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic, and Timely.

In other words, having a goal just to make money blogging is like having no goals. You have to know exactly how much you want to make, when you want to make it, and how you want to make it. To succeed as a blogger you need motivation, and strong motivation can only come when you know that something great lies ahead of you. Make sure you develop strong and solid goals, and make sure you don’t deceive yourself either.

Lack of Strong will and Positive Mindset Required to Succeed

Another reason why most bloggers find it difficult to succeed is because they don’t have the strong will and positive mindset required to succeed as a blogger. Some bloggers give up at the slightest opportunity they get, and some bloggers don’t even believe they will succeed in the first place.

The reality is that your mindset towards your blog matters a lot, and if you believe your blog can’t succeed there is no amount of effort that will help your blog succeed. You also need to be resolute and never give up, and only then will you be able to achieve total success.

Failure to Market Themselves

The final reason why a lot of bloggers fail is because they fail to market themselves. No matter what you are made to believe, marketing is the most important part of the career of any blogger. You need to realize that you need marketing to succeed as a blogger, and that the day that you stop marketing yourself is the day that things start to get difficult.

Marketing doesn't mean you always have to go out there to do something. You can also market your content to your readers to make them see its importance and share it with others.

Addressing the above 3 points, enabled John Smith—the author of this article—to successfully grow his diet site where he displays reviews and coupons for weight loss diets like Medifast. A strong will and a positive mindset lead him to rank his Nutrisystem discount code and review page high in the search engines and receive good converting traffic. John features Nutrisystem and Medifast weight loss programs because they are backed by real science and have improved the lives of many people.

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