HOW TO: Get Color Combination of Any Website? - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Get Color Combination of Any Website?

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Are you designing your website, do you want your website to have a particular color combination and you are not at all sure what color combination to go for? Pt do you really like color combination in a particular website?

Well there is a very simple solution for you. There is a very nice website called It deals only with one thing and that is color combinations. It will show you tons of color combinations with their HTML color codes which you can readily use in your website.

Latest Color Combinations

Most Popular Colors
The website also shows very popular colors based on some internet trends.

Grab Website Colors
You can even extract color combination from your favorite website and use them in your new website. To do so you simply need to visit and enter the web address of the website and press Get.

After few seconds you will get a detailed color combination with their HTML color codes for the website you just entered.

Use these tips to design the most attractive websites in the world and that too for free. Enjoy.

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