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Disadvantages and Problems With Blogger's Dynamic Views

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Its been a long time since Blogger Blogspot and many people are using it as well. If you want to enable the Dynamic Views you must consider the facts I am going to mention now.

Basically dynamic views is a feature which enables a blog publisher to enable Rich Internet User Interface to his blog readers, basically its a new blogger Template.

I had a horrible experience a few days back with dynamic View functionality of blogger when I accidentally enabled it for one of my main blogs. Below is a list of issues I faced.

1. Template Changes Gone:
I have done Ad Sense integration inside blog posts by modifying blogger templates, due to dynamic views everything got lost. This information is a permanent damage and if you haven't backed up your template your day will be ruined.

2. All widgets Disappeared from UI.
I had many HTML widgets which are totally lost when it comes to Dynamic View as it has its own template to render the UI. Luckily those widgets were not deleted from the actual layout of blogger and I could restore it back.

3. Google Analytics Does not work.
Since the code is in the layout which is not at all used for rendering the UI the Anlaytics code stops working. I will be writing an article just to tell you how to enable Google Analytics in Dynamic View so stay tuned.

4. AdSense Code added via HTML widgets also stop working:
This is the most important problem with Dynamic Views i.e. Adsense Code is not rendered in Dynamic UI which is added via HTML widgets. To enable Adsense you simply have to go to Earnings > AdSense on blog > Yes.

5. Customizations Disappear:
I had modified the blog layout via Advance Settings from Template Customization options for example width of blog etc. All of them are simply lost.

Dynamic Views is a very good feature made by blogger but its not a good option for people who have done heavy customization to their blog templates and have heavy revenue generating traffic.

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