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3 Steps to Get the Best Internet Speed

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A lot of us spend countless hours online every day trying to get one or two things done only to end up being disappointed due to how slow our internet connection is. People choose an internet connection due to several reasons, but the most important reason is the speed it provides.

It can be really disappointing to go with an ISP promising you great internet speeds only to end up getting far lesser speeds than you expected. The reality is that, in most cases, the problem isn’t with the ISP, or the problem can be easily solved using a few tricks. This article will be giving you 3 steps you can take to get better internet speeds.

Make Your Computer Faster 
The first step you should take to improve the internet speed you get is to work on making your computer faster. You might be wondering how this can affect your activities, but the reality is that your internet connection is useless without your computer. Most internet connections are only slow due to the fact that the computer they are being used on is nonresponsive. You can easily increase your internet connection speed significantly by making your computer faster.

Use Speed Boosters and Accelerators 
Another step you can take to improve your internet speed is to install speed boosters and download accelerators. The main function of a speed booster is to optimize your internet connection and computer for the best internet speed while the main purpose of a download accelerator is to help make downloads easy for you. Most download accelerators connect to multiple servers online to help improve your downloads, so if you’re someone who downloads from the internet a lot you will notice a significant increase in the speed you get whenever you download from the internet. A great download accelerator I recommend is the Speedbit Download Accelerator.

Tweak Your Internet and Browsers Regularly 
You can also improve your internet speed by tweaking your internet connection and browser regularly. A great way to tweak your internet connection is by using DNS services and proxy servers regularly. A great DNS service available online is that provided by OpenDNS.com and a great proxy service available online is that provided by Your-Freedom.net.

You can also tweak your browsers for better internet speeds by clearing your cookies and private data regularly. By clearing your cookies and private data your computer becomes faster, thereby making your internet browsing experience a better one.

This is a guest article by Paul who is a broadband expert specializing in helping people get better internet speeds. He also recommends doing regular speed test.

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