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VIDEO: DEMO of iPhone 4S Siri Voice Technology.

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I am sure many of us are really curious as to how Siri Voice Technology really works. Is Siri the future of mobile technology or its just another app.

Just in case you are not aware of Siri, well Siri is a voice Assistant App for iOS i.e. Apple phone OS, which will help iPhone users do different things with the phone without really touching the phone. Its like a virtual personal Assistant having no face. Here is the video which I found on

Siri on the IPhone 4S - Ty's IHelp. Watch more top selected videos about: IPhone 4S, Questions

I also found the video really amazing and how the Siri technology worked seamlessly like a person was actually talking to a real person. Some of the answers were really smart and Siri understands the context in which any question is asked.

Just click on the image to see the video on The Siri technology is really cool, I hope there will be settings to change the voice i.e. girls voice for Guys and Boys voice for Girls. It will also be really cool if Siri had a virtual face in the corner of the screen giving even a more real feeling of a Personal Assistant. Also I am curious how Siri works on non English iPhones. If you really want more details just check out this link

In case you guys are aware of the curious questions I have please post them in comments.


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