iPhone 4S: Physical Strength Test Video - latest tech tips

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iPhone 4S: Physical Strength Test Video

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you drop your iPhone? Do you want to know if the retina glass display of the iPhone 4s can withstand a simple fall from your hands? Checkout the eye opening video.

I ran into this iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy SII drop test video and I was really shocked to see the results.

Video from Youtube :)

I agree that the iPhone looks a lot cooler than Samsung Galaxy S II, but what the use if your expensive iPhone gets ruined in just one simple fall. Major reason for fragility is iPhones glass display v/s Samsung Galaxy s twos plastic display.

So if you are not really good at handling your Phones and thinking to but your own iPhone think again you might just invite more pain in your life by dropping the most beautiful thing on the planet.

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