HOW TO: Easily Stay Invisible on Facebook Chat? - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Easily Stay Invisible on Facebook Chat?

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Many people complain that they cannot stay offline on Facebook Chat and they have to face many unwanted friends (no offense but the world is cruel). Well there is a very simple trick which will enable you to stay offline while you are on Facebook.

Here is a very simple trick. All you have to do is.

1. Create a Facebook List called "Private List" (You can choose any name).

2. Now add just 1 friends who either you trust a lot or really don't care to talk on Facebook.
3. Now click on the small star at the right bottom.
4. Select option Limited Availability and

5. Select the newly Create "Private List" and press Okay.

You are all set, Now you are invisible to all your friends except the 1 in the Private List on Facebook. You can also use this trick to be selectively online for specific important friends or family members on Facebook.

I hope you found this trick really useful. Enjoy and stay safe on Facebook.

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