HOW DO: SEO Companies Work Unethically to spam your blogs? - latest tech tips

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HOW DO: SEO Companies Work Unethically to spam your blogs?

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Analyzing my blogs real time traffic is my favorite time pass activity. I just love checking out what sort of articles in my blog gets visited most. During analysis of the traffic I saw a very interesting trend.

What I observed was that these so called SEO marketing companies and their people use Google very effectively to add back links to your websites ending up spamming them. I will tell you how.

They use a little complex search queries and use Google Search filters to search for potential sites where they can plant their back links in the form of comments. Yes the comments system is highly exploited to spam good websites and blogs because that's the easiest way to add a back links to other sites.

The queries I found suspicious are for example:
  1. inurl:blogspot "SEO". 
  2. inurl:blogspot “post a comment” ”seo
I will explain you everything in detail what the query really means. Lets take the first example in details now inurl:blogspot "SEO"

If you see above there are two filters used site: and inurl:.

What they really mean is site: filter tells Google to search for specific domain or .org etc. Generally SEO companies love adding back links to .com domains as they are most popular.

The other filter is inurl: searches for specific word inside a url of a search result. Below are the two articles from my blog which get maximum spam comments as they both satisfy the above query. The color highlighting will easily help you relate the query with the below urls.

Also I have observed that SEO Companies mostly exploit popular topics on SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. But I am sure these traditional ways of survival for SEO companies is going to get over soon as Google will start giving more importance to Google's plus ones.

Those are very hard to manipulate as SEO companies might have to create tons of fake Google accounts to really manipulate these websites.


  1. Very Good Observation Pal! On my blog I have also felt the same.

  2. yeah, I doubt that a normal person would use those very specific Google query strings. Those are definitely spammers.

    - the seo outsourcing webmaster

  3. Yes Phyllisjanes, you are right very few people use such complex queries.


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