Cool Collection of Animated Diyas Images for Diwali Mails - latest tech tips

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Cool Collection of Animated Diyas Images for Diwali Mails

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Diwali is Indian Christmas we Indians love celebrating it and we all like to send attractive mails wishing our near and dear ones Happy Diwali. We also make really good banners on our blogs and websites.

Will it not be really cool to have a list of really cool animated Diyas which you could use in these mails and banners? Well your wish is fulfilled and I have a collection of really cool Diyas which are animated, which gives the effect of an actual diya burning.

You can use these Animated Dewali Diyas to lighten up your emails and banner and make them more attractive. The recipient or viewer of email or banner will be really very Happy.

Here is a sample "Happy Diwali" Message just for your reference.


"शुभ दिवाली 2011"

You can use your own creativity to make the message look more beautiful and artistic. You can also use the same technique to wish in any Indian festival. Hope this Diwali brings you lot of Joy and happiness in your life.

Happy Diwali 2011.

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