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SRK uses Google Ads and YouTube to Promote Ra One

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Its being said that Shah Rukh Khan has put every thing he has in his Movie RaOne. SRK is also regarded as the king of publicity and he is finding innovative ideas to promote his film. And one such idea is Google.

The badshah of Marketing has found one more way and yes you are correct in guessing that SRK and his team have taken the help of the biggest online Ad Marketing Company Google's AdWord programs to promote his film RaOne.

The Ads which I saw on the internet was a text Ad which redirects to RaOne's youtube channel. As you can see from the Ad itself.

Below is the Youtube Channel of RaOne movie and it surely seems SRK is not going to leave any stone upturned to make sure his film is a super hit.

Only time will tell what will be the fate of the film and will also test how effective his marketing strategy has become.

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