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INFO: Amazing facts about Steve Jobs and Apple

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Steve Jobs is an inspiration an inventor whose vision gave the world devices like iPhones and iPads, but do you know how much salary he earns, or what is the religion he practices, who his wife and children are and much more?

This article is dedicated to Steve Jobs and his great contribution as a tech Geek to the entire world. The information is gather from various internet sources such as Wikipedia, Apple website and Google search of course.

Steve Jobs Graduation:
Steve Jobs is a drop out from Reed College.

April Fool's Day and Apple.
Yes you must have guessed it by now, Apple was established on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, to sell the Apple I personal computer kit.

The first Apple Computer's Price.
Can you imagine the first Apples's Price? Well the price was exactly $666.66. I wonder if Steve Jobs and company were superstitious or wanted it to be priced in a way anyone could remember. Interestingly Apple's Mac Book Pro cost around $2500 which is similar to what the first Apple would have costed today if we consider inflation in last 30+ years.

Job's Religion:
Contrary to popular belief that he might be practicing Christianity he follows Buddhism. Lord Buddha is a messenger of peace and Steve is piece of technology.

Wealth and Salary:
He has assets worth more than 8+ billion dollars that's some serious money. Ironically he accepted just $1 as salary for many years as CEO of apple till he resigned as CEO of Apple in 2011.

Apple Founder's:
Another myth buster is that company was founded by Steve Job's alone, its not correct as its was co founded by 3 people in 1976 which included Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

Apple Logo:
Apple's logo has also evolved just like the company from a very detailed Einstein Logo during its inception phase in the 70s to colorful logo from 1976- 1997 to a black monochrome logo since 1998.

Steve Job's Love Life:
As a charismatic person as Steve Jobs is its hard for people like him to stay away from lime light. He was fairly handsome during his youth and Jobs was in relationship with
  1. Laurene Powell: Now his wife
  2. Chrisann Brennan: Was in relationship during early days of his carrier.
  3. Joan Baez: Girlfriend during his college days in Reed (unconfined).
This post will be updated as and when new information is found. you can also contribute if you find any new information mentioned above.

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