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Important Reasons why your AdSense Account could be disabled.

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Google Adsense is one of the most Successful online money making programs in the world. Google's 95% of the revenues are generated through Google's AdWords program which allows content publisher to display content specific Ads on their blogs and make money out of it.

Google makes billions of dollars from just Ads. 99% of the bloggers have aspirations of earning money online mostly as side income. But many bloggers commit some basic mistakes which lead to their Google Adsense account getting disabled.

After your AdSense account is disabled your dreams are shattered and you are prevented from being part of worlds largest network of making money online.

So Why does Google really Disabled your AdSense Account?
There are many reasons and I am going two write the most important reasons below.

1. No Privacy Policy.
Yes its very important for you to let Google know how serious you are about the Privacy of the people visiting your blog or website. I got this information from an article on the internet long time back. You can Google "Privacy Policy" and make one for your blog immediately.

2. P-T-C:
You should never promote people to click on your Ads and pay them for it. Its stupid and foolish to think Google is a fool. You should never be part of (pay-to-read, pay-to-click) programs or promote such activities on your website.

Your CTR will show inflated figures if you are part of such program and you will be immediately caught.

3. Clicking On your Own Ads:
This is very basic crime around 50% of Bloggers commit and pay the price by getting their AdSense Account disabled. People click on their own Ads, Ask friends to click, or Click them from Cyber Cafes. For some reasons Google is smart enough to detect such things.

If you think you are clicking on your own Ads and getting money always remember your AdSense Account is reviewed once you cross the $100 mark. And when Google finds out that you have clicked your own Ads you are screwed big time. Not only your $100 are gone but also the chance and potential to earn good money with Adsense in the future.

Below is the summary of activities you must stay away from:
  1. Clicking on your own Ads or asking your friends or family members or anyone to click on them.
  2. Placing Google Ads near images.
  3. Labeling Google Ads as Related links.
  4. Ask your readers to support your work by clicking on your AdSense Ads. That's really stupid.

4. Content:
If your blog content is explicitly Adult in nature or shows promotes terrorism of any kind then your AdSense Account is gone for sure. Also copied content or content which is totally false could land your AdSense account in trouble.

5. AdSense Code Modification:
Google provides all possible ways of customizing your Adsense Appearance and you do not need to modify the code for it. You should never in your dream think of modifying the Adsense code anytime no matter how small the change you think it is. Its a forbidden crime you should stay away from.

Also read the AdSense Terms and Conditions for more details.

Google has earned its reputation with huge amount of hardwork and they cannot let you spoil their image.

What to do if your AdSense Account is Disabled?
If you think you might not have violated any of the above things then you can considered an appeal to Google by submitting the Appeal Form here. Some time back due to some misunderstanding I presumed that my Adsense account was disabled. I went ahead and appealed, I got a response from Google within few hours that my AdSense account is not disabled and hence they cannot do much with the appeal (I was really happy).

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