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Important Features by Facebook to make your life more easy.

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Google+ has shook Facebook really hard it seems and Facebook has recently launched many features to tackle with Google+. This article will elaborate on all these features by Facebook.

Privacy and Usability are the centrifugal forces of these innovative features from Facebook.  And below are the features in details.

1. Private Sharing: 
It was existent earlier in the form of Facebook friends lists but now Facebook has made sure it is more popular now by providing quick access to it from sharing text box. This allows you to share your updates with selected people from your friends list.

2. Public Subscribe: 
This enables people to access public information of Facebook users similar to twitter follow button. The user whose public information you want to subscribe to must first enable this feature for his account for others to access. The advantage of this feature is you don't have to send friends request to these people which is slightly (not the mechanism but the concept)  similar to Google+ circles.

3. Smart Lists:
Well this is something I was waiting for since a long time. Now you can access all your close friends updates in one go rather than going through every friends updates. I play City Ville a lot and I created this list of buddies who play City Ville with me. I can quickly access updates from all of them in one go, rather than having to go to each ones profile and searching for goodies. Now create a list and get the updates which you want. Similarly Facebook also creates Family, close friends and many more smart lists for you.

4. Friends Games Updates:
Recently Google+ activated its Games and Facebook was quick enough to respond. Now you can see which of your friends is playing which game at the same time you are playing Facebook games. This helps you play same games and collaborate easily.

5. Facebook Photo Viewer:
Facebook reshaped its photo viewer which many people had earlier hated. Now you can scroll your friends photos with keyboard shortcuts i.e. arrow keys. Its slightly faster and it has a soothing white background rather than the not so pleasing Black background earlier.

All these features were launched one after the other but in a very short span of time. Facebook is making sure people think twice before they migrate to other Social Networks or commit Facebook Suicide.

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