How long will it take for a Desktop PC to Crack your Password? - latest tech tips

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How long will it take for a Desktop PC to Crack your Password?

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Did you ever try to find how strong your passwords are? How long will a Personal computer take to crack your password and hack into your system. There are many software's available on the internet which would crack your password based on various permutation and combination algorithms.

So what should you do in such scenarios? Well to be on the safer side its always best to have a very strong password. Having a strong password not only makes it hard for the password cracker software's to crack it but also take loads of time to crack them.

Now how will you know how long will a normal Desktop PC take to crack your password. Well there is a simple way to find it out. Just go to this website called

Just enter your password and you will see your password strength, suggestions and how long will it take to crack it.

Safety of your Password:
As per the privacy policy of the website there is no communication between the website server and your computer and all the calculations happen on your computer itself using JavaScript, hence using this website is fairly safe and secure.

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