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Google+ Now Open for Public to take on Facebook.

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Google+ which was till date invite only Social Network has just gone public, now anyone and everyone can Signin to the service. Google took this decision after 6 weeks of extensive testing with limited users.

Google+ already has 20 million users, but its nothing compared to Facebook's mighty 800 million users. Its also said that over 1 billion items have already being shared on Google+. Google+ was Google's attempt at taking on Facebook.

So far its really early to say anything on how much competition Google+ is giving to Facebook, but I have read many articles on a growing trend on Google+ that many people joined Google+ out of curiosity and most of them stopped or reduced using it after some time.

The general perception is let all your Facebook friends join Google+ and then I will also start using it in full flow. But I still use Google+ mainly for Photo sharing as it is very nicely integrated with Picasa. The Photo viewing experience is also very nice.

In coming few week we can get a fair idea of how Google+ grows but one thing is for sure that having many users and having many active users is a different story. In case of Facebook it has 800+ million users out of which more than half of them use Facebook at least once a day.

Google+ in that case is far behind with many of its users casually logging in couple of times in a a week or even less.

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